Behrad Moshar Certified Public Accountants

Behrad Moshar is one of the leading accounting firms in Iran offering vast variety of Auditing, Tax, Accounting, and Management Consultancy Services.
Since establishment we have provided above services to many large and medium size Iranian and International organisations working and dealing with Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing high quality professional services to [mission] our clients, while observing high standards of professional ethics and also ensuring our staff are trained in the best possible way. In addition to provide high quality professional services in accordance with international standards, we see our firm as an educational institution for our professional staff. Every enterprise has goals to achieve success. The key to success is to be alert and identify opportunities to make right decisions at crucial moments. Our Mission is to help and support our clients to clarify and identify those opportunities.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide clients quality professional services best suited to their business.